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Holzman Happenings: “Spoil a Child”

As a strong believer in the importance of the arts, I believe that all children should be exposed to it. Unfortunately, many kids don’t get that opportunity. I want to change that, and have created Holzman Happenenings to do so. In partnership with Hartley House, Holzman Happenings was created to “Spoil a Child,” exposing underprivileged kids to art they wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to see.  Hartley House was created in the 1800’s as a safe haven for the youths in Hell’s Kitchen, and has been helping children in New York City ever since.  Over 400 children and now numerous seniors pass through the doors of this facility. They are the perfect partner for this program.  On March 16th, 12 teenagers who won the first lottery drawing went for lunch and saw the awesome new Broadway Musical “Kinky Boots.” Here’s a photo of the lucky winners!

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