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Home Goods: Splurge vs Save

There are certain pieces in your home that are worth spending the money on and there are others that allow you the opportunity to save without sacrificing quality and style.

Here are a few items to splurge and save on:


Sofa:  A sofa is a great investment piece – it is something that you will use for years, so it is important that it be of good quality and that it provide you maximum comfort and style.  It can also be a focal point in a room, therefore you will want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well.


Mattress: You spend 7-8 hours on your mattress per day, which is about 2,920 hours and 121 days per year!  That is a lot of time.  Therefore, it is important that the mattress you choose provide you healthy support and comfort.


Area Rugs: Area rugs see a lot of traffic and go through considerable wear and tear.  This is where the quality of the area rug comes into play.  You want the area rug to be able to withstand all that use.

area rug


Trendy/Seasonal Decorative Items: These items are pieces that are in style for the moment.  They are more an accessory to your space, rather than a staple.

decorative items

Pillows: These are sleeping and decorative pillows.  It is recommended that you change your sleeping pillows every 6 months per Robert Oexman, DC, director of the Sleep to Live Institute.  The reason you want to change your pillows is that bacteria and dust mites from things like dead skin cells, are produced over time.


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