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How to Choose Your Color Palette: The Power of a Complementary Color Scheme


A complementary color scheme refers to two colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel. These pairs are naturally pleasing, and as the name suggests, compliment each other. One may be skeptical about how the complementary pair red and green, for example, could be perfect for your home without looking like it’s Christmas Eve, but there is scientific evidence behind why designers use these bold combinations often.

Orange and blue, yellow and purple, red and green; they may be opposites of each other on the color wheel but they are sure to attract attention within your own home. When designing your home it may be overwhelming to choose a color scheme, and it’s extremely easy to go overboard picking different tints, tones, and shades (oh my). Less is more, and this is why complimentary color schemes are the perfect solution for your design needs.


It is no coincidence that these orange and blue details look perfectly stunning in our design for this Scarsdale residence. It’s easy to believe these pairs are a match made in heaven, but it’s actually just a match made within the back of your eyes. Long story short, photoreceptor cells within your eyes are responsible for color vision and why complementary colors look increasingly dynamic when used together since they naturally increase each others intensity. Ironically enough, you can’t see this process in action so you’ll just have to trust us on this one. These details are important in creating a bold space, and why a small use of orange really pops in this mostly blue space as seen in the image above. The true beauty of these schemes is that although they are dynamic and bold, they will always remain harmonious and whole.

The next time you’re stumped on which colors to use within your space, it’s always a safe yet dynamic choice to go with a complimentary color scheme – sometimes successful design is easier than you think.

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