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How to Decorate using the forces of Hanukkah?

When I look out my window at the Empire State Building, the blue and white theme of Hanukkah conjures up beautiful design using the same color palette.  The crisp white juxtaposed with the bright blue makes for a modern, uncluttered design.  Even the image of lighting the Menorah candles at this time of year, shows what a unique look that white/blue can create.  Here’s a wonderful example of Hanukkah garland.

The same blue can be used throughout the first floor to create an impact.  The white columns help balance all the blue running from one room through to the next.

Or, you can really make a statement with a sleek, modern kitchen and eating area.  The glossy blue is not an option for every kitchen but when done right, it can be so inspirational.

Or take the color into your living space.  A predominantly white environment, shot with a bold color can make your space an exciting place to enjoy.  And, when you want a change, you can just remove the draperies and pillows and start all over again.

Again, not everyone can manage to pull off a blue bathroom, but when you do it right, you will feel like you are at the ocean.  Using blue glass tile will certainly emulate the serenity.

For those celebrating Hanukkah, may you enjoy a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

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