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How to Decorate with a Splash of Neon!

While watching the latest fashion walking down the runway its hard to ignore the Spring’s theme is the triumphant comeback of Neon. Bursts of these vibrant colors pour out onto the streets from Bloomingdale’s window. Bright pinks, purples and greens scream from the billboards that cover 34th street. Even Target entertained this neon-happy mood with their newest commercial titled, “Color Changes Everything,” and if you haven’t seen it, you ought to. In fact, here is a link: Target Commercial. It is this colorful neon dance that inspires this weeks blog.

The addition of color into any room gives a sense of optimism, spontaneity and promise. Plain white walls can be converted into exciting and enticing color havens; blank palettes for your creative side. The idea is to incorporate these pop art colors into furnishings and fabrics. Keep it small and simple, balance your tones and narrow down the palette are key with this new trend.

Adding electric pink and green pillows helps spruce up this feminine bedroom. Small objects are important when adding accent colors, and cost-effective! Along with the pillows, the designer added a subtle floral design on the ultra white bed frame. Super simple but created with a professional designers eye.

dominomag- eclectic pastel bedroom eclectic

design found on Houzz

Here, Johnathan Adler arranges some showstopping neon pieces. Year after year, Mr. Adler uses the pop art theme with a very classic style.

This bathroom accessory was found in ElleDecor’s recent Trend Alert. (Hopefully you have checked out my designers profile at the ElleDecor website! If not, here is a link: ElleDecor!) The Barbie lacquer soap dish, lotion pump, and tumbler are by Jonathan Adler as well. At

David Sharff, an architect in the Boston area knew these vibrant orange bar stools would complete the look in this eclectic/contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen contemporary kitchen

design by boston architect David Sharff Architect, P.C.

One of the tricks to adding bright colors is to keep in mind the complementary color wheel. The mellow blueish green hues of this room set off the yellow dining table chairs.

dining room modern dining room

modern dining room design by photographer Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Energizing your home with brilliant colors can be done by simply adding these shades to pieces you already own. Painting this modern wood cupboard with this neon olive stain enhances the piece and the room as a whole.

Home Office Cabinet in Guestroom in Sonoma Residence modern home office

modern home office design by san francisco interior designer ADEENI DESIGN GROUP

Having a balance of neutral colors in the room is what makes neon colors work. The lacquer green bar-top complements the soft toned hard wood floors while the hexagon-tiled column draws vertical attention to the kitchen.

eclectic kitchen design by houston architect RD Architecture, LLC

Elegance is not lost with the collection of color to a room. The designers here, Elad Gonen and Zeev Beech, incorporated lustrous yellow fabric on a traditionally formal Bergère chair.

living room modern living room

modern living room design by photographer Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Punchy items should be anchored by neutral walls and complementary fabrics. The idea of sticking to two or three shades is well displayed in this bedroom.

Condo Interior Renovation contemporary bedroom

contemporary bedroom design by dc metro architect NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

Because neon colors are associated with the 1980’s, it is common for the use of these colors in your home to be cheesy or cheap. That is why its important to use the advice of someone well versed in designing a residence so your colors represent the exact look you want. This fashion forward contemporary kitchen is bold with its use of aqua blue cabinets.

Art Deco Influence contemporary kitchen

contemporary kitchen design by chicago general contractor Will Waibel

Love this room, great balance of color, patterns and accessories!!!

Eclectic Bungalow Living Room eclectic living room

eclectic living room design by boise interior designer Judith Balis

You don’t want your use of neon to be ill-considered. This fuchsia suede lounge chair is a small object but it transforms the entire room. Remember, keeping your accent colors with few and smaller objects is key to decorating with neon colors.

Claremont Residence modern

modern spaces design by boston architect Stern McCafferty

Neon is a hard color to commit to while decorating. Having an experienced designer is all it takes to making this new trend work in your home.

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