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How to Decorate with Spring Inspirations?

Spring is upon us and although this winter paid little attention to the tri-state area, the warm weather still feels good. The other day I was lucky to take a trip to Westport, a beautiful little town off the coast of Connecticut. Driving down the winding suburban roads were bursts of yellow daffodils and purple horse mint. It was refreshing to see these small but plentiful wild gardens and hints of sunny weather.  And it was these enlivening colors that inspired this weeks blog.

One Spring 2012 interior trend is the simplicity of the color palette. The idea is to design the room using hues of grays, creams and blacks and mixing them with citrus colors; ie. lemons, limes and tangerines. This home below includes a magnificent green ottoman that also serves as a coffee table, and its this functionality that brings us to spring tip number 2!

Citrus Bloom traditional kitchen

Simple Furniture is this Spring’s sophisticated touch to design…having useful pieces in your home will create a clean sleek look. Find furniture that can be used in several ways. The bench here can also be used for storage, as well as a leg up to grasp those hard-to-reach spaces on your shelf.

Chez Larsson- home office

Gray seems to be this Springs new Hot Neutral, ranging from pale to charcoal. Keeping in mind clear is better, adding bursts of yellows completes this ‘contemporary’ style. Tip: Incorporating color to a room shouldn’t include the entire Crayon Box.

Bumble Cafe eclectic

Robin’s Egg Blue is a charming, soft touch to this living area. These accent colors can be easy to add by focusing the color on an accent wall or the entire room. Citrus tones of yellow and greens are added to the neutral couch to finish off the Spring look.

Chez Larsson- living room

This whimsical painting keeps with this seasons trend similar to hyacinths currently in bloom.  Different shades of blue can be incorporated into the room through accessories, like these hand-made vases and water glasses.

LOVE this Saarinen chair in lime green. Its a fabulous accent color with the neutral gray walls. The built in bookshelf next to the fireplace polishes off the look.

Lake District Residence

A final Spring tip is keep things casual, but refined. In the color scheme, the furniture, the entire concept is to keep the room simple. Don’t clutter the room with excess color or confuse the fluidity of the room with too much furniture. This it the season to bring bounce back into your home.  Remember to look at nature’s Spring palette for matching colors within your home.

Brentwood Regency Estate
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