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How to Finish a Room with Accessories?

One of the final steps when designing a room is picking out accessories to finish off the look. Whether they have functionality or not, these objects should express the home owners disposition. One tips to picking out these final touches is keeping them all the same accent color. Maybe a few here’s and there’s that pop out when you walk into the room. Be sure to keep it simple. Nothing should be too big. Another tip is to create a theme with your items. If you are going for a Bohemian motif, stick to it. Lastly, choose the items wisely and make them personal. Find things that represent a happy time in your life or a fun trip you went on. All these clever tricks have come into mind while designing my recent project in Chicago and have inspired this weeks blog.

The Living room here is from my project in Chicago. The home was build in the 1870’s and has a very art deco style.  This room features some modern silk velvet chairs that pick up the colors in the rug and curtains. By incorporating warm accent-red glass accessories, the room feels finalized and refined.

A great way to personalize your space is adding knick-knacks you pick up on your travels. My trip to Vietnam inspired my eye in design and the archives I brought home from the trip fill my shelves and mantel with great memories.

Marina Residence contemporary family room

Make your accessories a cohesive collection by keeping them the same color or theme.  This room is decorated with lots of reflective objects such as the large vases at the base of the fireplace, the circular mirror on the back wall and the shiny silver modern light fixture that hangs above the upholstered coffee table.

Heather Garrett Design contemporary living room

Focus your design on the balance between minimalism and clutter. This bedside table has a clean finish that parallels with the crisp clean lines of the headboard and table itself. The designer picked an unconventional curvy lamp which stands out among the straight lines.

Custom Millwork contemporary bedroom

The office is an important room to fill with good memories and fun accessories. The black simple framed book shelf is a great piece in this room. The home owner filled it with accent colors and organizational office needs. And the Black and Orange, Love it!

Study contemporary home office

The idea behind this design is color, color, color! The vintage chair and couch with matching coffee table pair well with the youthful paintings and accessories that fill this room.

Warehouse Chic style eclectic family room

A very sophisticated feel is brought to this master bath with touches of soft toned vanity objects and towel collection.

AMINE RESIDENCE contemporary bathroom

I recently took a trip to Tom Roth’s showroom, Montage, in Westport, CT. With plenty of accessories to compliment your home, its important to have a designer’s advice so the room is not overwhelmed with objects.


More accessories from Montage.

Its important to keep a balance when choosing accessories for your home. Objects of the same theme, pieces from your trips around the world and accent colors really finalize your home.

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