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How to make your Dining Room the Most Exciting Room in the House?

Cuisine and conversation is the focal point of the Dining room so it is important to make this space special. Over time, these uncommonly used rooms can lose their luster but now is the time to breath new life into your Dining room.  Although formal can sometimes be mundane or frigid,  I like to keep with tradition and have the dining room be the most polished room in the house. Fill it with your most luxurious furniture and drape with the walls with grand mirrors or paintings. It is this conventional design attitude that inspires this weeks blog!

The patterned area rug guides your eye right to the center of the room with a sleek and simple set up on top of a large circular table. The dark wood side and matching center table stand out against the dark blue colors. Classic black lamp shades address the unique stripe on the upholstered chair set.

The two large upholstered chairs at the end of the table make this design stand out. Love the chandeliers, love the simple but elegant table setting.

Style On a Shoestring contemporary bedroom

Silver, Silver Silver. The designer made metallic work in this dining room by consistently using the same shades of gray and silver throughout. The mono-toned theme goes beautifully with the dark wood floor.

Amoroso Design contemporary dining room

Neutral Colors are successful in contemporary dining rooms. This textured taupe wall really sets the mood with amazing accent chairs. The turquoise keeps up with Springs neon color theme but has a very traditional, sophisticated fabric.

Tyrol Hills Modern modern dining room

The Dining room should be independent from the rest of the house so that family and friends can get caught up in good conversation. The large Crown lit fixture brings exclusivity to the room.

Dining Room contemporary dining room

This thick bold wood table has attitude.  Again, LOVE the wood finish with the dark gray tones. The mirror against the modest dark black wall paper really adds adventure into the room.

Willowgrove Dining Room contemporary dining room

This year, like every year, I had the chance to go to the DIFFA Dining by Design at the Architectural Digest Show. Here are a few room designs that I loved.

This one really stood out because of its theme. Love the firewood detailing on the back wall and the western fabric used on the banquet cushion.

Bright colors cascade across this larger dining table. Perfect from a Dinner party for both a younger or older crowd.

Here is a simple table top for everyday or a playful dinner party. The accent colors for the room are on the table therefore can be changed easily with different set ups.

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