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How to Organize Your Corner

Good ideas vanish if we don’t have a place either mental or physical, to put them. In order to bring these ideas and inspirations to life, you need to make some real estate to create. Dedicate a corner of a quiet room to make your perfect creative sanctuary. Some steps to follow.

I have chosen a space with a lot of natural sunlight

You need to pick a desk that will logistically fit into your room. Since this apartment is small, a large desk is unnecessary. Pin Boards are popular at any Home Decor store…stay tuned for how to make one yourself

Decorate the area with things that fascinate you. Things that excite you and inspire you. Patterns you find…Paint Swatches…Pictures…

Make your materials and supplies accessible for you. Keeping things put away may hinder you from jumping into a project.

“Once you can maintain interest in something, investigate it, and fall in love with it. Yo find life is richer and more neaningful”-Frances Lekowitz, author of To Have Not

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