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UPDATE: Pandemic Home School & Office Makeover

With stay-at-home orders in place to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, many New Yorkers and others across the country are facing new work and school from home realities. Many of us have discovered that with no dedicated spaces for work or study, we are stuck at our kitchen counters, on our sofa or any number of places that are not conductive to working productively. You deserve more than a makeshift workspace.

Luckily we are bringing to you our guide to jumpstart your DIY home office and school makeover and you can carve out a functional and beautiful space in your homes:

Find the space to setup your home office/ school:

Identify an underused part of your home. It could be a corner in your living room, a small space in an entryway or even a spare closet.

Identify your needs and find appropriate furniture:

You can setup your office/ school with just desk and chair but to make it more functional you must assess your needs. Create a list of supplies you need for work on a regular basis and note any files or records you might need to keep at hand, this will help you select appropriate furniture.

Layer your lighting:

While many people assume that bright task lighting is the only solution, it is important that you create a combination of lighting options that include natural, ambient, and task lighting. This will give a flexibility to adjust your work environment to your mood.

Tame your cords:

If you're working from home, it’s likely you’ll be relying on a slew of electronic devices to keep the productivity up. Set up you desk in way to keep away all your cords out of your sight, keeping your workstation clear for work.

Accent desk-wall with a wall paper or bright color.

Solid colors and strong lines are proven to help with tasks that require focus and concentration, whilst abstract content and neutral palettes are preferable when promoting calm and tranquillity. Think about what would make you most productive and accent your wall with what it congruent to your personality. Moreover, this will add a new layer of aesthetic to your home office.

Most importantly, make it feel like a “home”office / school:

It is important that you establish boundaries between work and personal life. You may want to make your work area professional and organized but it does not mean it needs be cold and sterile. Understand that you can share the warmth of your home in your work space to make it more comfortable. Display your own personality by accessorizing the space with ornaments and plants.

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