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Modern Designs Highlight Simple Lines

Minimalist and modern looks are still on trend in 2018. By focusing on simplicity and clean lines, while bringing in new materials, you can create an interesting look that you can make your own.

“Modern designs focus more on ergonomics and simple looks than authentic and intricate ones,” Principal Interior Designer Julie Holzman said. She explained the designs used today are not direct copies of products from the past but are influenced by them. Furniture designers can mix shapes, colors and materials from products from different eras and create new forms that could only be produced today with modern materials and technology.

Minimalist furniture is often simple and functional, but it also can be artistically interesting to the eye with modern shapes and clean lines. Scandinavian modern style was introduced in the 1950s with affordable furnishings and sleek interiors. Minimalist style has continued to evolve, to add more modern shapes and bold colors.

Ms. Holzman’s own style and use of modern pieces was influenced by a trip to Vietnam, which opened a new door into her aesthetic sensibility. Hanoi is a center for contemporary art and the use of color there helped create a more minimalist approach to design in her work.

modern blog living room

This modern living room was designed by Holzman Interiors, an interior design firm based in New York City that serves New York City, Greenwich and Stamford, Connecticut.

Whether you are looking to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, modern design can be incorporated in small touches or as part of an overall minimal design approach.

In this modern kitchen, low-profile stools slide easily under a counter with a gorgeous waterfall countertop. This creates clean, simple lines that are echoed throughout the space, as well as being space saving and practical.

modern kitchen with stools and waterfall counter

This gorgeous waterfall countertop makes a statement in this kitchen design. Low-profile stools offer a modern seating option, while tucking under the island when not in use.

“As unique shapes and materials are still slowly entering the market, not everyone is familiar with them and therefore when they see them, people love to inquire about them,” Ms. Holzman said. “Modern designs focus more on ergonomics and simple looks rather than intricate, embellished ones.”

In this bathroom design, the oversized tub dominates the room, with a small stool with similar curves. The open storage shelf draws the eye, offering style as well as function.

bathroom for modern design blog

Designed by Holzman Interiors, this bathroom in a Scarsdale, New York, home offers an oasis for relaxation with simple, clean lines.

The use of symmetry is popular in minimalist design as well. It offers a sense of balance, which can be calming and comforting. Symmetry can be used in a mirror effect, as seen in this bedroom with the matching lamps and bedside tables, or in similar shapes, such as a round table with a round chandelier shape above it.

close up of bedroom table
bedroom for modern design

This bedroom, designed by Holzman Interiors, showcases symmetry not only with the side tables and lamps but the overall design of the room with the windows and headboard.

Consult with an interior designer to bring modern design elements in your home in a way that is natural and intuitive and speaks to your own personal style.

Contact Holzman Interiors for a free interior design consultation or visit our showroom at TileAmerica, 63 Harbor View Ave., Stamford, Conn., to discuss design ideas. To see more finished project and ideas visit our services page.

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