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Personalizing Your Rental

There are many different ways to make your rental feel like your home.  Here are a few ways to personalize your space and make it yours:

–          Replacing old cabinet handles with new ones can instantly refresh your space.

–          You can really expand the look and feel of your space by adding mirrors.  For a more dramatic effect, go for a large wall sized mirror.


–          Painting your walls is the cheapest and most effective way to really personalize the space.

–          If your landlord doesn’t allow you to paint, you can personalize your walls with art, large tapestries, removable wall decals and a collage of framed pictures.

wall decals

–          Changing your light fixture can make a huge impact to the space. If this is not allowed in your rental, then choose floor and table lamps that are beautiful in design and function.

light fixture

–          You can create a built in look by using tall bookcases and grouping them together.

book cases

–          Adding potted plants to your home can bring life to a space.  If you have a terrace or balcony you can use tall potted bamboo to add some privacy to the area.

potted plants
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