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Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

One of the biggest challenges living in New York City is finding a place with adequate storage – there is just never enough space.  So what are your options? It either rent storage space or get super creative!

One of the first things you can do is invest in smart multi-purpose furniture pieces.  You want to look for pieces that are versatile in their use. A great example would be a sofa that pulls out into a bed and offers storage space – this really does exist – how amazing is that!


Shelving is key to adding storage space.  This is where your level of creativity can really come into play.  There is no limitation on where you can place shelving.  You could frame a doorway with shelving, you could take an entire wall and place shelving throughout.  The key takeaway is to essentially maximize wall space.


Bookcases are also versatile in their use.  You could use a bookcase to hold your sweaters, handbags and other clothing items in place of a traditional dresser.  And whats so great about the open shelving, is that your amazing pieces are on display – as they should be!


Maximize the space under your bed!  Best way to do this is to purchase plastic bins on casters that allow for easy access to your items.  This is also a good place to keep those items that you rarely use.

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You don’t have to sacrifice an open floor plan for storage – you can have it all!  The best way to do this is to use half wall partitions with built in storage.  This creates some division, without fully compromising the open flow of your home.

The best approach in creating storage within your space is to first analyze what you have, prioritize your items and get creative!

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