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How to add a Hampton summer flair to your home?

When going for a Hampton style in your home you want your design to feel fresh. Mixing traditional Hampton style and new looks from the 2013 Hampton Designer Showhouse, we’ll show you how to get that summery, beachy look in your home.

White, white, white! When going for a Hampton look, try choosing two or more large surfaces–walls, countertops, shelving, or cabinets–to do all in white.

Accent your white theme with a blue piece. For a more contemporary feel pick a shocking shade of blue for your accent.

Stripes always echo of the seaside. To quickly stripe your space, find a striped rug in a blue or black to add to your wood floor.

Hampton homes are (understandably) designed to embrace nature. If you’re remodeling, add large windows that let sunshine stream into your space.

Get inspired by driftwood–add natural wood beams, floors, ceilings, doors, or furniture.

You can never go wrong with a jute rug, which has become a Hampton signature decoration piece.

Add an earthy mood to a blue and white room with industrial styled furniture and fixtures in elemental materials. Pick iron, dark woods and glass. It’s all about balance!

For a summer getaway–weather willing–outside spaces are as (if not more) important than indoor rooms. Design in space for a table and comfy seating into your porch, and you’ll be able to enjoy long summer meals while listening to the crickets and the waves and enjoying the warm breeze!

No, we’re not in Andalusia. But it only makes sense that the flowy curtains, ornate fixtures, and patterned fabrics of Mediterranean style find a place in the Hamptons.

Bold patterns look fabulously fresh against traditional white Hampton walls. Be brave. Mix patterns and colors.

Wallpaper is a gaining popularity in the Hamptons. Black and white animal patterned wallpaper is fun and chic.

Metallic is trending now. Put up some silverly wallpaper to adds an elemental feel. It contrasts flawlessly with natural wood!

Sick of white? Coral, chartreuse, and hot pink are all in this year, so go for it! Paint a wall!

Want to embrace the color without going all out? Pick a bright accessory, like these coral sconces.

The varying shades of chartreuse mixed with organic wood touches seamlessly fuses old Hampton with new Hampton style.

This year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse featured two pink rooms. This strong color is finally getting the respect it deserves. Put a pop of pink in one…or two of your spaces!

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