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The affects of illumination in a room can either make or break a space. Since this Springs most obvious trend is bright neon colors, it is easy to see how lighting that pops is what’s hot this season as well. Bursts of color on upholstered chandeliers or ultra modern lighting center pieces is what seems to catch the eye of designers and well versed home-owners alike. Here are a few example of lighting that really works.

This type of color effected lighting is perfect in playful rooms around the house. The odd shape of the hanging light in the room stands out and parallels the ingenuity of the bright pinkish hue to the fabric.

Pacific Heights Residence traditional closet

traditional closet design by san francisco general contractor Moroso Construction

Elegance and industrial meet with this iron chandelier. The large Edison light bulbs are seriously in this year and give the room an old New York feel. This one of a kind fixture is easily incorporated with a decorators touch.

Noe Valley Entry contemporary entry

contemporary entry design by san francisco architect Andre Rothblatt Architecture

We know how much I love metallic and metals so when I saw these amazing hanging stainless steel light fixtures I almost purchased a set for every hallway in my house. The warm light reflects every edge of the metal shade increasing the comfortably of the room and its ambiance.

T Eatons Loft Entrance contemporary entry

contemporary entry design by other metros interior designer Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Add art into the home by adding refined artistic lamps or hanging chandeliers. The room can be decorated with simple furniture and pick a lighting fixture that screams for attention. Talk about beautiful functionality.

Living Room modern living room

modern living room design by los angeles general contractor See Construction

Here in this formal dining space with a playful touch is a set of 3 Capiz shell chandeliers. The idea is childlike but sophisticated. They act as an excellent conversation piece in a room focused on good conversation.

axis mundi modern dining room

modern dining room design by new york architect Axis Mundi

Love the base of these hanging lights. They introduce a very masculine feel to the vanity. A spectacular effect from these lamps is the spotlight it leaves on the countertops. Excellent touch

Ana Williamson Architect contemporary bathroom

contemporary bathroom design by san francisco architect

Here are some unique lamp fixtures I installed into my Living Room in Manhattan. Love the soft feel of the draped silk.  When they are on the warm light is soft yet dramatic.

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