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How to Decorate with Pillows

With winter upon us in a few months, I have started to pull out the down comforters from the closet, the larger sham pillows for the couch and the heavy throw blankets to put around the apartment, and it reminded me. Pillows are a very important and integral part of your home. They add color, brightness, style, pattern, and layers. So as I set out my pillows along the couch, I thought of some helpful tips with picking out your pillows. Here are some tricks to keep in mind.

Nothing adds luxury to a room better then velvet. Its a mature touch that’s irresistible to curl up to on your couch. The well-paired collection of the pillows are perfect with one solid larger pillow, and two linear designs, one representing the more playful, chaotic side of you. Pillows can express a lot about who you are, so don’t settle, this homeowner certainly did not with these custom pillows by Pulp Design.

Choosing the right colors can be tricky. To make your choices a little easier, find a fabric pattern you love, pick two colors and expand on that. One major tip: BIG geometric, small geometric, organic…its a combination of throw pillows that never fails.

Here are the Celerie Kemble’s Hot House floral pillows that really set the tone for the room above. I loved the design and used colors from the pattern. Orange, because its my favorite and then I magnified this color with its complimentary, blue!

This homeowner was so inspired by the colors we chose she painted some artwork to hang above the couch. The personal touch really brings the room together. Another thing, do not be afraid to mismatch colors and patterns. It adds a sophisticated whimsy to this living room.

Shabby Chic will always have a place in my heart which is why I LOVE these feminine playful ruffle flower pillows. The pop color and texture compliment this warm bedroom.

Hint: you can never have too much floral prints, it gives a very English-cottage feel to your living room. The idea is to miss-match your floral prints so they clash in a very inviting way. If you feel the pillows you have don’t pull off the look add another pattern, and so forth and so on until your look is sophisticated and complete!

Same sofa, different look. This design is a perfect example of how to combine some of your favorite patterns regardless if they match or not. It fills your room with lots of color and looks great in rooms with a lot of natural light. One of the best aspects of this room is all the pillows are home-made. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on making your own pillows! How To Make Your Own Pillows.

Love this 5th Avenue inspired entry room, its black accents really pull off the look. The design here really focuses more on the materials and fabric used. The vintage leather pillow matches well with the black fur because the third pillow ties in all the colors. The rich color palette is very sexy as well.

Another great concept is to tie in your pillows with other accessories in the room, like these super cute table lamps.  The trick? Use neutral colors throughout the room so that your patterns pop. And who couldn’t fall in love with these Chiang Mai Fabric’s…full of bright, lively colors!

Don’t be weary, you can never over-do it when it comes to pillows. The more pillows you have the more cozy and inviting the room. And its a great way to layer color and create a solid design just like this girly bohemian look fit for a child of any age.

I fell in love with this Parasol’s Fabric as soon as I laid eyes on it. Made by Thomas Paul and Duralee, this ‘parasol’ fabric would be perfect for smaller throw pillows you see in this room or on a much larger scale like a wall covering. This small elegant and playful sitting area just goes to show you how you can inspire an entire room based on one idea.

Talk about ULTRA modern, these linear rectangle pillows mimic the art piece behind it, the rug, and the altogether rectangle shape of the room.  Its a great balance of color and line that creates this sturdy look.

Many designers choose pillows to fit a 2-2-1 pattern, but not in this traditional master bedroom. I like the blue patterned pillows against the headboard with a longer white sham. The bed really becomes the focal point in the room regardless of all these other design aspects.

If your style tends to stay monochromatic, use pillows to add bursts of color to your room. This super modern living room is complete with bold patterned bright yellow pillows.

I LOVE how the pillows match the wallpaper with this very classic Cowtan & Tout pattern. The finished look is very charming and cozy, which is what every bedroom should be.

Couldn’t help but to add some leopard print into the blog. Not only will it always be one of my favorite fabric patterns, but it matches any style: contemporary, eclectic, modern. And it fits perfectly in your bedroom, the living room or bathroom.

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