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How to design either masculine or feminine?

Deciding whether a room is feminine or masculine can be a tricky task. Because of course there are men who love pink and women who have never met a ruffle they could stand.  There are, however, certain qualities and materials associated with a certain gender aesthetic.  For men, things like flannel, leather and wool tend to evoke a manly vibe.  As do colors like gray, black, brown and blue. Straight lines and hard edges read as masculine, as does an absence of bright colors. While the feminine design is portrayed with soft color notes, whites, and ruffles and curved edges with attention to details in design that only women would appreciate. Here are a few examples I found to love.

Crisp is a great word to describe this bedroom. crisp pleats, crisp folds, crisp lines. A bedroom of like would be comfortable for the manliest of men.

Contemporary Bedroom design

Pleating and plaid is a unique blend and the result is something to admire. I am not a huge fan of plaid but I believe it illustrates it’s timelessness with its neutral colors and masculinity.

Contemporary Bedroom design by Little Rock Interior Designer Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Contemporary, yet rusticity refined. Even men love to curl up to something cozy, as long as its the right color. And with the contrast in the hanging shaply and edgy art really creates a spectacular master for any man.

Contemporary Bedroom design by Indianapolis Interior Designer Susan Brook Interiors

The framed blue-tainted leather art acts as a headboard. A very masculine headboard. It’s also very interesting how literal the designer took the color blue. Accompanied by simple blue straight-lined furniture and you have established a very well dressed masculine bedroom.

Modern Bedroom design by San Francisco Interior Designer Kristina Wolf Design

Blue can be feminine too….like this shabby chic bedroom desk.

Spaces design

The black leather headboard is masculine, yet soft enough to pair with pastels as shown. The combination of the black bed and the high gloss white tables is versatile and elegant. Yet this bedroom screams a feminine touch.

Contemporary Bedroom design by London Furniture And Accessories Imagine Living

It’s the softness of white that compliments the feminine side. Warm light shines through the translucent drapes to add a glow to the room. And just like that you have created a safe haven for any woman.

Eclectic Bedroom design by Other Metro Photographer Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

This classic design shows how’s you don’t need to over do it. Featuring calm color scheme and attention to small detail, you can hint to your femininity without overwhelming your girly senses.

Traditional Home Office design by Minneapolis Interior Designer LiLu Interiors

Ruffles. Ruffles. Ruffles. This ditsy shabby-chic bedroom defines what it means to be a little girl especially with its whimsical attic ceiling and fantasy like accessories.

Traditional Living Room design

A more serious design doesn’t have to be masculine. Strong feminine points in this home office make for a fantastic final look. Love it.

Eclectic Living Room design by Kansas City Interior Designer Nichole Loiacono Design

All this room is missing is some antique dolls and a late feline friend taxidermy collecting dust to make this super feminine living room to be over the top. But alas, these designs exist. The point is that there is a balance of gender that needs to be met so your home doesn’t turn for the worst.

Traditional Living Room design by Minneapolis Furniture And Accessories Unique By Design Ltd.

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