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How to use Exteriors products Inside?

With Summer upon us, I find myself gazing out into the warm sunny skyline more often and dreaming of being outside. I daydream of hiking through Devil’s Den in Easton, CT, the waterfalls up in Kent, or even a stroll about The Lake in Central Park. As I peer out the window I realize what a presence natural can have indoors! Decorating with plants, stones and wood creates a very tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in your home. It’s this blazing good weather and admiration for the outdoors that inspires this weeks blog.

Amazing weathered wood dining table and matching set of chairs. The piece looks one of a kind and has a very timeless look. Drift wood similar to the look of this table can be admirable additions to your home as a mantel or maybe a piece of art.

Kitchen contemporary dining room

The dramatic look of this two story stone stacked fireplace is remarkable. This breathtaking focal point allows you to double up the view with matching two story windows which blurs the line between inside and out. The dark wood floor and ceiling is a nice touch and add warmth to this over-sized room.

Large glass area focuses view to lagoon. contemporary living room

Here is another powerful fireplace, hand-crafted and dry-stacked by a mason that shaped and laid each piece one at a time. The natural tones of the stone inspired the rest of the room with sandstone gray, taupe and gold seen in the couch, cushions, and rug.

Woodinville Retreat contemporary living room

Super modernism with hints of natural elements can be a difficult challenge to cross but is done beautifully in this Brooklyn apartment. The striking clean lines and minimalism with the conflicting crude and organic chaos of the outside is pleasing to the eye and creates quite a dramatic effect.

The Silhouette contemporary living room

Love the stone fireplace and continuation of gay colors throughout this open floor plan.

The Georgia contemporary living room

The wood you see here is Bamboo, a very eco-friendly, sturdy, sustainable product that is fabulously inexpensive due to its rapid growth.  Not only can you use Bamboo on your walls and shelves, there is a large amount of products you can find. Bamboo is made into anything from chairs, to closets, even bed sheets!

Apt Moema contemporary living room

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this barn door to replace the doorway into the Master. Here the designer left no detail behind with the leather products on the bed and even cowbell shaped sconces on the wall. Not only beautiful, this door replaces the concept of a pocket door, which would require rebuilding the entire wall. All the hardware is mounted on the outside wall for easy installation.

Mill Valley contemporary bedroom

Reclaimed barn wood make up the walls of this lofted bedroom. With the dark wood being the focal point of the room, it opens up endless possibilities for the designer.

Loft bedroom contemporary bedroom

I find this shabby chic kitchen absolutely adorable. The wish-washy white painted bricks add rustic femininity to the room while also resembling an outdoor patio space. The large potted plants that rest on the sill make you feel like you are in your own private garden. Love.

Here is a master bathroom I finished in Connecticut. The stone wall adds a romantic touch to the spa tub and allowed room to place small shelves for candles. The small details such as the jack-in-the -box plant and natural shade make this bathroom a relaxing outdoorsy spa.

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